AIP is a member of the Operational Body of the PORTUGAL SOU EU Program

The Portuguese Industrial Association is a member of the management body of the PORTUGAL SOU EU Program. This is an initiative of the Ministry of Economy, operated by AIP, AEP, CAP and IAPMEI, aimed at national SMEs and citizens in general.

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Ficha de Projeto do "Portugal Sou Eu"


The «Portugal Sou Eu» Program bet strongly and in concert on a strategy that allows, simultaneously, to increase the competitiveness of Portuguese companies and to encourage a greater incorporation of added value in national production.

It aims to reinforce the development of Portuguese companies, through the valorization of the national offer, based on an innovative collective strategy, capable of functioning as distinctive arguments for the economic recovery and promoting the competitiveness of the economic fabric. It seeks to increase national production by boosting the domestic market, also contributing to create conditions to increase the number of companies with the potential to export.

1. Stimulate the competitiveness of national companies;

2. Encourage production with added value in Portugal, contributing to the revitalization of the national productive fabric;

3. Foster a change in the attitude of consumers and companies by recognizing the values associated with the national origin of the products;

4. To stimulate the demand for goods and services that most contribute to the creation of value in Portugal, namely with regard to the creation of jobs and national wealth;

5. Ensure the articulation and coherence between public and private actions that fit these objectives.


a) Boost demand for products and services that contribute most to the creation of value in Portugal, contributing to the sustainable recovery of economic growth;
b) Stimulate the national production of goods and services with increased value incorporation, as a way of increasing the competitiveness of national companies, especially SMEs, and job creation;
c) Foster synergies between companies and supply chains.



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