As promoter of “Portugal Sou Eu”, which aims to enhance national production, the Associação Industrial Portuguesa returns with the brand to the next edition of the International Crafts Fair, which will take place at the Lisbon International Fair, from 29 June to 7 July . In Pavilion 2, visitors will be able to meet 12 artisans certified with the “Portugal Sou Eu” seal who will be exhibiting and working live. The activities represented are: ceramics, textiles, macramé, natural and aromatic cosmetics, bookbinding, baby fashion and accessories, hand weaving, sauces and condiments. Adherence to the “Portugal Sou Eu” Seal for craft products, promoted and certified by AIP, follows a simplified regime, as long as they have the UPA Charter - Craft Production Unit granted by CEARTE. Join this brand and certify your products or services. Contact us: or 213 601 014.