The consortium led by AIP, and made up of a group of business associations, presented, on April 26, to the Minister of Economy, António Costa Silva, and the Secretary of State for Tourism, Commerce and Services, Nuno Fazenda, the Accelerator of Commerce Digital for the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. This physical structure will have the mission of digitizing commerce and services companies, with an open door to the consumer, working on the digital transformation of their processes and business models, supporting direct investments and carrying out training actions. The creation of the Accelerator will be supported by the PRR, involves an investment of 15 million euros and will mobilize 8,500 companies. In addition to AIP, which leads the consortium, AERLIS, ACISTDS, IDSET, ACIS Vila Franca de Xira and Arruda dos Vinhos, AE Sintra, AEC Cascais, ACIS Mafra, AECSC Loures and Odivelas, ACIS Barreiro and Moita, UACS, AMRR are involved. and ANJE.