Creating the right packaging for the product, is the mission of the new member of AIP, the Impacktplus, Unipessoal, Lda, a company from São Martinho do Porto with nearly two decades of experience and a customer base comprising eight countries and around of 30 companies.

The consultant managed by Miguel Fernandes is dedicated to the development of packaging and products, offering integrated and strategic services that strengthen the growth of companies.

Impacktplus' objective is to streamline the product development process, providing a wide range of technical solutions in the packaging area, integrating the various stages of the process, from the design phase to production.


Municipality: São Martinho do Porto

Sector: Consulting

CAE: Commerce of food products. Other consulting activities. Design, development, research, market studies, evaluation activities, technical consultancy and management, engineering projects, technical testing and analysis, computer programs and websites, human resources provision, training, advertising, granting of the right to use products and registered trademarks. Agent and Wholesale trade in machinery, industrial equipment, packaging, plastic materials, paper and cardboard, intermediate goods and other products. Packaging, packaging and shipping activities carried out on behalf of third parties, necessary for the creation of brands, materials, raw materials, packaging and products from the idea to the market, in order to provide a consultancy, guidance and operational assistance service to the innovative companies and support their marketing and business management objectives.

Manager: Miguel Fernandes

Main products/services: Consulting services in the development of packaging and products for brands with a focus on sustainability, design, procurement and production.