Zomato, the most used restaurant discovery app in Portugal, changed its name to DIG-IN, and its look, but the ingredients remain the same, including the platform, which remains the same although with a new look to also showcase its internationalization of the brand, starting with the Spanish and German markets.

“This “rebranding” process marks the beginning of a new chapter in the growth trajectory of a “start-up” that claims to be 100% Portuguese, a mediator par excellence of interactions between users and restaurants, with innovation in its genesis, a vision of expansion into new geographies and a unique focus on transversal knowledge of restoration indicators”, explains Nuno Fernandes, general director of DIG-IN.

Zomato has been in Portugal since 2014 and has traveled a remarkable path with exponential growth in the Portuguese gastronomic market, with a fundamental role in the transformation and digitalization of the food sector in the country.

The impact of the pandemic has brought significant challenges, with Zomato India closing some international markets, including Portugal. Faced with uncertainty, Zomato Portugal took control of the operation through an MBO and adopted a proactive approach during the pandemic, offering active support to local restaurants and launching innovative products such as contactless menus and in-app payments.

Over the last three years, Zomato Portugal has expanded geographically and now has a list of 52,000 restaurants across the country, including the Azores and Madeira.

The strategy will also include the internationalization of the brand. The focus on data will play a crucial role, especially for large restaurant groups and brands, being able, for example, to study the digital footprint of brands.

DIG-IN offers the opportunity to acquire valuable information and insights into consumer behavior, a service that can be particularly beneficial in making strategic decisions and understanding market preferences.

"You've got your baby all done" is the motto

The name DIG-IN itself has a deep meaning – it is an invitation for users to immerse themselves in a complete and easy gastronomic experience. “Tens a Papinha Toda Feita” is the motto that reflects the application's mission to provide all catering solutions in one place.

“The rebranding is a strategic realignment with the vision built so far by the company”, states Mariana Boavida, Head of PR & Marketing. “The ingredients that brought us here remain unchanged”, he reinforces, adding that the name change is a response to new goals, including internationalization to markets such as Spain and Germany.

The transition to DIG-IN, with regard to user experience, did not bring significant changes to the application. The change will be visual and communicative, with a bolder and more provocative approach to communication. The application, on the other hand, has been improved based on user feedback over the years, introducing elements such as “gamification” and prizes for the most active “foodies”.

Search optimization, improvements to the map, continuity of services such as reservations, PRO and delivery, and the introduction of offers in the launch week, are some of the improvements highlighted. User experience remains at the center of priorities, ensuring that DIG-IN continues to be an essential application in the daily gastronomic journey. With around 2 million monthly visits, it allows adaptations in real time and offers personalized solutions adapted to the needs of restaurants.

Source: DIG-IN (antiga Zomato Portugal)