Creating a healthier and more mental health-friendly work environment is the objective of the webinar "Psychosocial Risks and Mental Health at Work: A Crucial Conversation", which EQS Global will hold next Tuesday, October 10th, World Day of Mental Health, at 3 pm.

This online meeting will be presented by Isabel Ferreira, recruitment and selection manager for the multinational company which in Portugal has its headquarters in Maia and an office in Lisbon.

There are many occasions when we underestimate the profound impacts that the work environment can have on our mental health. The EQS Global online summit will address this important topic, clarify complex concepts, make essential connections, and equip participants with practical strategies for promoting mental health in the workplace.

During the webinar, key concepts related to psychosocial risks at work will be explored, unraveling frequently confusing terms and highlighting their relevance to employees' mental health.

The inextricable link between psychosocial risks and mental health will be addressed, showing how pressure and organizational culture can negatively impact employee well-being.

This EQS webinar is a challenge for everyone interested in mental health in the workplace, from managers and human resources professionals to employees who want to contribute to a healthier and more compassionate work environment.

Summing up and concluding, this essential conversation led by Isabel Ferreira – a graduate and master in work psychology with 23 years of professional experience in the organizational, recruitment and selection, as well as resource management – ​​can transform the workplace, yours and that of others, in a space where mental health is valued and protected. By participating in it you can make a difference in the lives of your colleagues and in the success of your organization, since in the modern world the workplace is the place where we spend most of our time.