The need for updated information on IRC and tax benefits, other taxes and contributions, and the new tax regime on crypto assets were the main topics presented and debated by the approximately 320 participants in the webinar “State Budget for 2023” that AIP, in partnership with with PwC, held on November 16th. Among the issues raised by businessmen, the lack of fiscal predictability, the continuity of non-change in general corporate income tax rates and the maintenance of extraordinary sectoral contributions stood out. The opening was made by Paulo Caldas, Director of AIP, and the following topics were addressed at the session: IRS, by Luis Filipe Sousa, Director of PwC; IRC and Tax Benefits, by Francisco Raposo de Magalhães, Senior Manager at PwC; Collective Bargaining Instruments, by Levi França Machado, Principal Associate at CCR Legal; Other Taxes and Contributions, by Filipe Maciel, Director of PwC; and New Cryptoassets Regime, by João Ochoa, PwC Manager.