Until February 17, 2023, the Notice “Support for the Decarbonisation of Industry” is open. It is aimed at the manufacturing and extractive industries. Applications, for projects up to 200,000 euros, that meet the criteria and conditions for access provided for will have a final decision attributed within 10 days after the date of submission of the same. The Call for Opening Notice under the measure “Vouchers for Startups - New green and digital products” was also republished. This measure aims to support startups, projects that are likely to support projects whose objectives are framed in the promotion of business models, digital products or services, and/or that are characterized by the use of Open Data or Artificial Intelligence, with a positive contribution to the climate transition through high efficiency in the use of resources, which allow the reduction of pollution impacts, which promote the circular economy, and which constitute new energy production solutions. Count on personalized support from AIP for information on the foreseen requirements and for the preparation of applications: consultoria@aip.pt or 21 360 10 20.