Twintex - Indústria de Confecções, Lda, with a factory in the city of Fundão, Castelo Branco district, and a member of AIP since 2013, invests in virtual reality to increase its digital presence in the clothing sector and reinforce the rapprochement with customers and suppliers.

Manufacturer of the largest international fashion leaders and with more than a decade of experience in the sector, Twintex exports 100% of its production.

The Fundanense company has been implementing new channels of relationship with its customers that are increasingly standing out through the various digital channels, while driving the digitalization process in the region.

“At Twintex we believe that what were initially adaptations to the working method are now trends that will remain and develop more and more in the future and that is why we have to continue to implement new tools in order to keep up with market changes, needs of customers and our community, ”says Liliana Torres, the company's Public Relations, Sustainability and CSR coordinator.

From now on, it is possible to follow the entire production process, from receiving the raw material, cutting, making the product, and shipping to participating in the creation process.

In addition to the presence on social platforms available to everyone, this project is accessible through a version in Oculus GO that presents the user with the experience of virtual reality in full confection.

The company thus opens its doors to the world, proving once again its formula: innovation, cutting-edge technology and people!

The “last cry” in cutting fabric

 At Twintex, the novelties extend to the “factory floor”, with the acquisition of a sample cutting table and standardized fabric with two automatic cutting heads and outstanding precision.

The new machine is based on 100% Portuguese software, developed by the company Mind - Software Multimedia e Industrial, SA.

This technology, considered the most advanced, offers a higher speed, but also fabric consumption never before practiced.

About the Member

Founded in 1979, Twintex is a family-owned company with more than 400 workers in two industrial areas, specializing in high quality women's and men's clothing.

Supplier of major international brands, it manufactures jackets, blazers, skirts, pants and dresses, in a total of 3600 pieces per day.

Fabric and accessories are imported from all over the world and managed in the company's archive by designers. The product development and modeling teams use the latest Lectra system, capable of creating any product through design.

Bruno Mineiro is the CEO of textile based in the city of Fundão, specialized in high quality women's and men's clothing since 1979.