“Making entrepreneurs and investors generate more money for their companies, have more time, and develop skills in terms of leadership and business management as well as entrepreneurship adapted to reality” is the mission of Hugo Monteiro, founder and director of Ser Vezes Fazer, Lda, new member of AIP, but also CEO & Partner at Action Coach Lisbon.

Mastering this ability is not within the reach of all people, regardless of their brain size, but it can be refined through techniques and tactics used today by so-called business coaches, specialists in the art of business coaching.

“Training entrepreneurs with good companies that want to make them great” is a goal everyone craves and the passport to having the best of all three worlds – “time, team and money”.

Created in 1993 in Australia by Brad Sugars and present on five continents, Action Coach has become a franchise with more than a thousand offices in 75 countries, including Portugal.


Municipality: Lisbon

Sector: Business Coaching

CAE: Other business and management consultancy activities; other educational activities, n. and; professional qualification; other consultancy, scientific, technical and similar activities, n. and.

Manager: Hugo Monteiro

Products/Services: Consultancy activities, guidance and operational assistance to companies or bodies (including public) in very diverse matters, such as: planning, organization, control, management information; business reorganization; financial management; compensation strategies for termination of employment; consultancy on safety and hygiene at work; design of accounting programs and budget control processes; marketing and sales objectives and policies; human resource Management; and vocational training and other educational activities.