The theme was the advantages and challenges of the digital transition. More than 140 entrepreneurs, managers and staff attended the webinar “Transforming the Business with Technologies 4.0”, which AIP held on September 23rd. They had the opportunity to attend two inspiring experiences in the implementation of 4.0 technologies in national SMEs. Patrícia Henriques, from Solancis, a limestone extraction company, with 134 employees, which exports 90% of production to 69 markets, shared the successful experience of implementing digital transformation projects. According to Patrícia Henriques, since 2003, Solancis has been implementing innovation and process digitalization projects.

In turn, Eduardo Leite, from José Neves, a company created in 1983 and dedicated to the packaging area, informed that the company decided to create in 2019 its digital DNA, training all its employees for this purpose. Since 2020, it has been implementing transversal digital transition projects, which have been reflected in productivity, automation and the creation of more value. The company forecasts a 25% growth in sales this year.

It fell to Benvinda Catarino, director of COPRAI, to present the digital transformation project that AIP is launching. Designed to host 15 SMEs, the initiative will allow participating companies three degrees of involvement: knowing the degree of technological and digital maturity, carrying out a comparative analysis in technological terms against the sector, through the application of the Theia tool, developed by COTEC, and defining the specific road map for implementing the project in each company.

COTEC, with the presence of its general director, Jorge Portugal, emphasized the importance of creating a new generation of business, leveraged by 4.0 technologies.

The event was moderated by Norma Rodrigues, general director of AIP, who highlighted the growing importance of 4.0 technologies in post-covid, presenting the conclusions of a recent study developed by McKinsey on the investment reorientations of companies worldwide. Still on the topic of financing investments in technologies, Paulo Caldas, director of the Economy and Financing area at AIP, presented several solutions in terms of the system of incentives and financial instruments, complementary and continuing the participation of companies in the project “Transformação 4.0 "


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