The Interior Tourism Microcredit Line is aimed at micro and small companies and is oriented towards boosting and attracting investments to the interior of the country. It is intended to financially support the development of investment projects that “contribute to the improvement of its competitiveness, to an adequate and sustainable structuring of the tourist offer and to the qualification of the territories”. This line covers micro and small tourism companies and others that have as their main activity the operation of stores with history and establishments that promote the sale of local and regional products. Loans, granted without interest for a period of 7 years, including a grace period of 24 months, can reach up to 90% of the eligible investment, with an absolute maximum amount of thirty thousand euros. Of this loan, 30% can be converted into non-refundable funds provided that the targets set out in the respective business plan are achieved. You can count on personalized support from AIP for information about the requirements of the notice and for preparing an application: or 21 360 11 12.