Takargo, the first Portuguese private rail freight transport operator, will appear in 2024 with the image and name of Captrain, after purchasing the business from Mota-Engil, in June last year.

The history of Captrain Portugal S.A. begins at the end of 2006, originally under the name Takargo – Transporte de Mercadorias S.A., continuing the Mota-Engil Group's business diversification strategy, becoming the first Portuguese private railway transport operator of goods.

In 2023, and according to the indicators published on its website, it had 107 employees, 3,552 trains carried out, 1,827,536 tons transported, 1,152,439 km traveled in Portugal and 1,811,651 km in the Iberian Peninsula.

The new identity “reflects the company's alignment with the Group's vision and its vast European network”, highlights the operator in a statement explaining that “this strategic change marks a new chapter in the company's journey, representing a renewed commitment to innovation , customer service and expansion in the European rail transport market”.

Committed to sustainability, the company also guarantees that in the medium term it will implement new logistical solutions to reduce carbon emissions and promote a greener future.

“As Captrain Portugal, the company will continue to provide the exceptional service that customers expect from Takargo. The rebrand comes with a promise of improved services, utilizing cutting-edge technology and an expanded network to meet the evolving needs of businesses across Europe.”

Source: Captrain Portugal