CMJ Jardins Lda., a new associate of the AIP managed by Francisco Seabra, has an innovative solution to combat mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects that affect us on the hottest days in outdoor areas: it is called Mosquitec and is the result of a partnership with MistAway Systems Inc., from Houston/Texas, the world leader in the sector with which the Cartaxo company signed a long-term contract for exclusive distribution in Portugal.

The systems and respective equipment “are totally innovative in Portugal, although they were born more than 25 years ago in the United States”, emphasizes Francisco Seabra, referring that “they are intended to control flying insects in outdoor areas, substantially increasing the quality of life in summer in areas where people stay like gardens, swimming pools, terraces, hotels and resorts”.

The automatism of the system represents “a gigantic qualitative leap”, guarantees that responsible, when detailing how the solution, disclosed through the Mosquitec brand, causes the absence of insects in the protected areas where it operates: “The gains are visible in efficiency, comfort and safety. Efficiency, because we operate an automatic system that keeps the absence of insects in the garden for as long as it is justified. Comfortable, as it is automatic, operating for about 90 seconds a day, divided into two periods of 45 seconds. Safe, because it uses non-toxic insecticides and in absolutely tiny doses compared to the traditional manual method. There are even options with organic insecticides. It always uses products approved by the Directorate-General for Health”.

As in other parts of the world, CMJ Jardins expects MistAway Systems to become widespread and indispensable in hot areas affected by moths, flies and other flying insects. Informação detalhada em e


Municipality: Cartaxo

Sector: Pest control services.

CAE: Garden planting and maintenance activities.

Manager: Francisco Seabra

Products/services: Supply and installation of automatic outdoor insect control systems. Outdoor pest control.

Main short and medium term objectives: Promotion and implementation of our automatic systems in the districts of Setúbal, Lisbon and Santarém in a first phase. Alentejo, Algarve and the rest of the national territory afterwards.