According to the Communiqué of the Ministry of Finance, measures are being taken to make the use of the IVAucher balance easier.

It is pointed out in the Communiqué that "In order to make the solution for using the IVAucher balance more universal, and to facilitate the process of adhesion of merchants to the program, a solution was developed, in conjunction with the operating entity (SaltPay), to integrate banking institutions operating in the country. In this way, the IVAucher Program solution made available to merchants and consumers will be simpler and more universal.

This solution allows merchants to integrate the IVAucher Program while maintaining their usual electronic payment methods, with the IVAucher balance being refunded directly by the banking institutions to the consumer's bank account.”

In practice, the IVAucher balance will be refunded directly by the banking institutions to the consumer's bank account.

On the other hand, the possibility remains for merchants to choose to provide customers with discounts arising from IVAucher through the system operator network (SaltPay): TPAs, IVAucher application and invoicing software.

The month of September will be the final calculation of IVAucher balances accumulated by consumers, which will be communicated until September 30th. From October 1st, consumers will be able to enjoy this benefit.

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