Until the 29th of July, applications are open for financing investments that promote the efficiency of commercial and service buildings, including those related to tourism and the social economy. Applications are addressed to natural and legal persons who own buildings, with the non-refundable incentive having a maximum allocation of 200 thousand euros and a maximum co-participation rate of 70% on the eligible investment.

Investments such as replacement of doors and windows, thermal insulation of roofs, walls and floors, heat exchangers, HVAC systems, interior and exterior lighting, consumption management monitoring systems, installation of electrical energy production systems for self-consumption are supported. , heat pumps, solar thermal systems, boilers and/or biomass heat exchangers, water use devices, rainwater harvesting systems, energy audits, among others, as long as they contribute to the objectives of the measure.

For more information and preparation of applications: consultoria@aip.pt or 213 601 020.