Registering a brand at European level (with a class of services/products) will have a final cost of 212.50 euros (850 euros is the normal price), the cost will be even lower if the brand is national.

The SME Fund, an initiative of the European Commission implemented by the Intellectual Property Institute of the European Union, is a reimbursement program that issues vouchers for fees related to trademarks and patents. To register your brand, make sure that (i) there is not a brand that is the same or similar to the one you want to register, (ii) the brand allows you to distinguish your products or services, making consumers able to recognize and distinguish them from brands of other companies on the market, (iii) the brand can be registered (the registration can be of brands composed of words and/or images as long as they distinguish the products or services of one company from those of others).

AIP can help your company throughout the process: designing the brand image, applying for the fund and registering the brand. More information: or 213 601 098.