Companies from different sectors of activity were present in Aveiro, at the invitation of AIP and Inova-Ria, to find out how researchers from Universidade Nova de Lisboa can help them with R&D needs in areas such as energy and environment, robotics and Artificial Intelligence, with a view to approving their applications for community funds.

Held at PCI – Creative Science Park Aveiro Region, on November 29th, the initiative allowed us to better understand what funding is available in Portugal 2030 and Horizon Europe to support business innovation and investments in research and development.

This multisectoral approach, which started on November 2nd in Caldas da Rainha and which will be replicated in nine more sessions over the next year, allowed some of the SMEs present to meet bilaterally with researchers from Universidade Nova.

The business meeting in Aveiro, organized and promoted by AIP and Inova-Ria, in partnership with UNINOVA and FNWAY Consulting, featured the intervention of Paulo Marques, executive manager of Inova-Ria; José Eduardo Carvalho, president of AIP; Luis Mira Amaral, advisory consultant and member of the Strategic Council at FNWAY Consulting; and Ricardo Jardim Gonçalves, researcher and professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering of the Faculty of Science and Technology, one of the nine organic units of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

José Eduardo Carvalho, president of AIP, highlighted the importance and urgency of helping SMEs understand the mechanisms of public support in their entirety, as well as the paths to follow: “The intermediation and connection mechanisms between the scientific system and companies have not yet reached the desirable level. It is to improve this collaboration that we are here today. There is public policy, there are incentive systems available, both nationally and Europeanly. On the other hand, a company that needs R&D does not know which universities and their respective specialization niches can fill them.”

AIP's idea when creating this “Road Show I&D 2023” across the continent and islands was to “contribute to this knowledge”: “After realizing that they have frequently worked with large Portuguese companies and international companies, we launched the challenge of putting their its researchers at the service of companies, namely SMEs, to see if we can respond to their research and innovation needs”.