The Central Register of Effective Beneficiaries (RCBE) identifies all natural persons who, even indirectly or through third parties, hold ownership or effective control of legal entities (according to applicable legislation, Law n.º 89/2017, of August 21, as amended by Law n.º 58/2020, of August 31, Ordinance n.º 233/2018, of August 21 and Ordinance n.º 200/2019, of June 28.

Entities subject to the RCBE (all entities incorporated in Portugal or that intend to do business here) must proceed with annual confirmation of the information contained in the RCBE by December 31 of each year.

However, this obligation is waived in the following situations:

• the entity, earlier in the same calendar year, updated the information by submitting an update statement;

• made the confirmation with through the IES submission, with reference to the previous year.

The above exemptions are no longer applicable if any fact has occurred that determines the alteration of the information contained in the RCBE after the submission of the update statement or IES.

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