Specialist in solutions based on Augmented Reality, Glartek, brand of Glarevision, S.A., a new associate of AIP, is a software provider to increase the efficiency and safety of production and maintenance processes in the factories of the main manufacturing and capital intensive industries.

Managed by Bruno Duarte and based in Leiria, the company was founded in 2017 and already has several national and international clients, such as Bosch, DS Smith, CME and ValorSul.

Its mission is to increase the safety and efficiency of “shop floor” operational procedures, supporting field workers when carrying out their daily operations and developing a solution that allows for the implementation of sustainable, long-term continuous improvement strategies.

The Augmented & Connected Worker software, supported by a remote visual assistance tool, has gained notoriety in several training use cases and daily industrial operations.

This tool allows any company to digitize its operations through a customizable, no-code platform, which provides the management of teams, assets, checklists and digital work instructions, training management, knowledge and skills.

“We have been gaining a lot of authority with a solution adapted to different industries, such as automobiles, paper and energy”, underlines Bruno Duarte when detailing the work developed: “Glartek has reinforced its investment in the safety of industrial operations, reducing errors and increasing the competence of employees. Therefore, we have seen a clear increase in the efficiency of our customers' operations, reducing resources and costs”.

Glartek's solution is an integral part of the Industry 4.0 revolution, that is, it fits into the integrated systems approach. As a tool, it is fully integrable with ERP, MES, or operations management systems. Furthermore, it respects information security standards, which are critical for the successful development of the digital industry.

“In the last year, Glartek has grown exponentially and managed to reach several levels of success”, recalls Bruno Duarte when sharing some of the most relevant facts of its existence: “It was the only company to be awarded in the European initiative of the EIT Community Booster Awards. Participated in the launch of the first 5G factory in Portugal with NOS. It was the official supplier of the 5G digital technology used in Sumol+Compal's manufacturing processes. It currently announced the integration of its solution with the world leader in digital solutions GE Digital. It is the only company on the market certified by several hardware vendors such as Microsoft, RealWear, among others. Finally, as a leading Augmented Reality company, it is constantly involved in renowned R&D projects such as Capgemini, Roche, Simoldes and Fraunhofer.”


Municipality: Leiria

Sector: Development of industry monitoring systems

CAE: Computer programming activities.

Administrator: Bruno Duarte

Products/services: Augmented Reality Solutions; Internet of Things; Augmented & Connected Worker Software;

Main short and medium term goals: To innovate and remain involved in R&D projects.