Productivity increase of 12.7%, sales volume growth of 7.3%, increase of exports of 5.1%, and efficiency gains of productive equipment of 16.2%. These are the average values ​​obtained by 23 industrial SMEs from all over the country, in the AIP project ‘+ Productivity’, whose closing session took place on March 31, in an online seminar format. 

Seen by more than 180 participants, the session counted on the opening with the testimony of the president of AIP, José Eduardo Carvalho, who stressed the importance for SMEs: the reduction of working times, the reduction of stocks, and the efficiency of equipment. The results are visible, the metrics are clear to everyone and attest to the excellent results achieved. This was the second edition of the project. We will do the third one ”. Access the video demonstration of the project.

Pedro Peneda, director of Pulverizadores Rocha, was the first to bear witness to the implementation of the project in his company, and acknowledged that “‘ + Productivity ’focused on three essential areas for growth: innovation, commercial and strategy. In 2019, with the consolidation of the implemented methodologies, the sales volume increased again ”. The company was founded in 1946. With 61 employees, in 2020, its turnover was close to seven million euros, 38% of which in foreign markets.

Susana Agra, Human Resources director at ETMA - manufacture of forged and laminated products - pointed out as the main results of the project “a greater capacity to react to deviations and better agility for correction”. Founded in 1940, ETMA has more than 200 employees, and sales volume in 2020 exceeded 13 million euros, of which more than 60% in exports.

Portcril, a company whose main activity is the production of mini pools, better known as spas, was founded in 1996, and in 2020 it had a sales volume close to 5 million euros. José Teixeira, director of Portcril, indicated that “participation in + Productivity was a great asset for the company, with a 30% growth in turnover expected this year”

Another SME that participated in the project was Indisol, which is dedicated to the manufacture of electrical equipment, and that with 76 employees and about 99% of the production destined for export registered a sales volume in 2020 of around 6 million euros. In terms of results, Filipe Afonso, director of Indisol, said “that the implementation of the project allowed, last year, a 15% increase in productivity, and a significant reduction in waste in the order of 8%”

Finally, Ivo Calha, director of CARBUS, a company with more than 90 years of experience in the commercialization and repair of buses, made a very positive assessment of the project with regard to “the productivity and organization of the teams, reducing the waste of time, improving production processes and increasing sales