PRF Gas Solutions, a company based in Leiria and a leader in the construction of gas stations for fueling vehicles, has just installed the first portable hydrogen fueling station for vehicles, called DRHYVE, in Portugal. The system was installed in the city of Cascais and is supplying two buses, also of national manufacture (built by Caetano Bus) and a light car. The DRHYVE post was entirely designed, developed and built in Portugal by PRF. It is the first of many hydrogen filling stations that PRF intends to build, similar to the numerous CNG/LNG units designed, developed and built by PRF around the world.


According to Bruno Faustino, Director of the Hydrogen Business Unit, "PRF is already manufacturing the second DRHYVE station and, although this station does not have its own production, we are already designing stations with its own local production of hydrogen, making the systems fully autonomous.” Paulo Ferreira, PRF administrator, said: “we are very pleased that it was in Portugal that we launched the first of many DRHYVE stations (PHRS - portable hydrogen refueling station) that PRF will build. Hydrogen will play a very important role in mobility and in a short time we will have important fleets of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, and we are certain that the important role that PRF plays in filling stations for natural gas vehicles will be the same in the hydrogen filling stations. PRF has 30 years of activity and 20 years of experience in fuel gas filling stations. Although hydrogen is a very different product from natural gas, the process is very similar, so much of the knowledge and experience gained is now naturally applied to hydrogen stations."