“We need to deepen the bilateral economic relationship between Portugal and Brazil. Trade relations between the two countries are not in the Top 10 of Portugal's imports/exports. It is a situation that does not satisfy anyone”, said José Eduardo Carvalho, at the CE-CPLP Brazil-Portugal Business Conference, which took place on November 10 at the AIP headquarters. He also said that "there are some experiences of Brazilian companies in the prototyping of internet of things solutions applied to industry and in the production of biomethane from domestic waste that deserve special attention from us".

Before an audience of Brazilian investors, the president of the AIP made known some of the most recent indicators of the Portuguese economy: “The health of a country's economy is revealed by attracting foreign investment and exports. These are two good indicators of the situation of the Portuguese economy”.

José Eduardo Carvalho acknowledged that “there is a lot of work to be done in the bilateral relationship between Portugal and Brazil. We are hopeful, as being aware of the meager results achieved so far is the only way we can improve. This is our objective and our expectation”. He also highlighted that the AIP, in terms of institutional relations in the area of ​​internationalization, has its efforts centered on the AICO-Ibero-American Association of Chambers of Commerce and on the CPLP Business Confederation.