“It is a revolutionary innovation at a global level”, says the Portuguese company Twintex, a clothing manufacturer based in Fundão, Castelo Branco district, about the first recyclable blazer developed internally by its research and development team in light of the “EcoLife” concept and “with the support of the European Union through the PRR program – Recovery and Resilience Plan”.

Twintex's sustainable blazer “can be immediately recycled as a t-shirt, without any human intervention”, guarantees the company, considered an important reference in sustainable solutions for the fashion industry for more than a decade.

Since its founding, Twintex has been concerned with evolving and innovating from the inside out, and this includes the 400 people it employs and the environment that surrounds it. The second generation of the family-based company – Bruno and Mico Mineiro – has followed the social and sustainability guidelines transmitted by their father António, who started the path in 1979.

“Twintex is certain that this new step will positively change the way this issue affected the recycling of a blazer and how the carbon footprint of this piece could be a barrier for sustainability-conscious consumers and brands”, highlights the company whose efforts in this area are evident in initiatives such as the creation of a photovoltaic electricity production center, and a loyalty program that grants workers and their immediate family discounts on numerous services and local commerce (the so-called Twintex LifeCard), covering more than 1650 active beneficiaries.

“Our recyclable blazer not only reduces waste but also significantly reduces the carbon footprint, marking a new era in conscious consumption”, highlights the company to conclude that “this innovation is more than just a product, it is a beacon of hope for a better planet.”

Source: Twintex