AIP participated in the 35th edition of the International Handicraft Fair with the program “Portugal Sou Eu”. This time, visitors were able to enjoy a display of handicrafts from the areas of fashion and accessories, decoration, stationery, children's clothing, sweets and liquors, by 12 artisans certified with the “Portugal Sou Eu” seal.

There were live demonstrations of work by artisans, with some responding positively to the challenge of applying for the “Best Traditional Handicraft Piece” and “Best Contemporary Handicraft Piece” Awards.

The purpose of the presence of “Portugal Sou Eu” was to make the brand known to consumers, promoting an informed purchase and to provide non-adherent artisans with the advantages of joining the brand.

The presence in the nine days of the fair, from 24 June to 2 July 2023, allowed the registration of 14 artisans in the “Portal Portugal Sou Eu”, with processes already concluded with the attribution of the seal.