25 years after privatization, Philip Morris International (PMI) has already invested more than 400 million euros in the Tabaqueira manufacturing unit, located in Sintra, with an average of 16 million euros per year, which more than tripled the production volume . “This significant foreign direct investment in the national market has not only allowed the modernization of the factory but also the attraction of PMI centers of excellence that, from Portugal, support different markets and regions of the world”, highlights Marcelo Nico, director- general of the Portuguese subsidiary, founded in 1927 by the emblematic businessman Alfredo da Silva.

In 2022, the group invested more than 642 million dollars in research and development of new combustion-free products, having reached the end of the year with a total of 24.9 million adult users in that category, of which 17.8 million abandoned the cigarettes. These are some of the indicators disclosed in the sustainability report of the multinational producer of tobacco and its derivatives.

“The last few years have seen great transformation in our activity”, explains the person responsible, referring to the actions that have contributed to the objectives: “Seven years ago we assumed the ambition of transforming our business and moving progressively towards the end of the sale of cigarettes. , having invested since 2008 more than 10 billion euros in the development, scientific substantiation, manufacture, commercialization and continuous innovation of combustion-free products, which have the potential to reduce risk compared to cigarettes”.

In 2022, Tabaqueira recycled and recovered more than 99% of the waste generated by its activity and recorded a 43% decrease in energy consumption in manufacturing operations since 2010.

It has been on a path of growth and continuous innovation that places it as one of the largest and most modern Philip Morris manufacturing units in Europe and one of the main Portuguese exporters, employing around 1,400 workers of 37 different nationalities.

Source: Tabaqueira