The Portuguese Industrial Association (AIP) and Millenniumbcp formalized a partnership agreement, on June 24, which guarantees, for two years, the mobilization of credit lines and/or guarantees, up to 120 million euros, to member companies of the AIP. The protocol also provides for the development and structuring of an issue of Grouped Bonds for SMEs, benefiting AIP's customers and associates, to enhance and facilitate companies' access to credit for national and foreign investors.


According to the document, Millenniumbcp undertakes to analyze and evaluate the proposals addressed to it and develop commercial proposals for AIP member companies and clients that individually express interest, namely to:


a) Support for short, medium and long-term financing of companies under the programs developed by the next MFF 2021-2027 and other Framework Programmes;

b) Support for the financing of new companies, within the framework of the Entrepreneurship and the Creation of Own Employment Support Line, through pre-existing solutions in the Microinvest Line and the Invest+ Line;

c) The establishment of credit lines for the advance of incentives and for the anticipation of community financing, relating to operations under the 2020 and 2030 MFF programmes;

d) The provision of bank guarantees negotiated on a case-by-case basis between Millenniumbcp and the originator;

e) The provision of specific credit lines to support companies' treasury and working capital, as well as factoring and confirming solutions;

f) Support investment financing;

g) Support company mergers and acquisitions operations.


José Eduardo Carvalho, president of AIP, and Miguel Maya, CEO of Millenniumbcp, initialed the document.