Created in 2004, Mdens de JCM Estética Dentária Lda., a new member of AIP, was born in a prosthetic laboratory “with a view to the future”, says its founder and CEO, José Carlos Monteiro.

Dental technician and professor at CESPU – Polytechnic and University Higher Education Cooperative, José Carlos Monteiro decided, some years later, to give the company a new lease of life, taking advantage of the wave of growth and technological development in medicine and dental prosthesis.

"With so much happening in the technological world, in terms of materials and infrastructure, there was a need to open a unique and own space", he recalls, explaining that the new Mdens address came to "satisfy the needs of the brand and its customers”, through “a unique and modern concept, thus starting a new era”.

During the last two years of the pandemic, new changes have been registered, new directions have been traced and unique innovations have taken place. The experience gained by José Carlos Monteiro in the area of ​​dental prosthesis, following its entire evolutionary process, guaranteed the company “to raise the standards of aesthetics, biocompatibility and speed of execution combined with the high quality required”.

Examples of this technological evolution are the creation of the so-called “digital flow”. It is an exclusive digital service for clinics, representing one of the most recent operational areas of the laboratory. This cybernetic road also aims to make the ability to respond to its corporate customers simpler and more efficient.

A fan of the “last cry” of technology, José Carlos Monteiro points the needle to a cybernetic future, built through partnerships with companies and knowledge centers: “Together we will improve our work in order to make the most of what digital can do for us offer – more time for us!”


Municipality: Maia

Sector: Health

CAE: Manufacture of orthopedic material and prostheses and medical-surgical instruments

Manager: José Carlos Monteiro

Main products/services: Digital intra-oral precision. Work areas: fixed prosthesis, removable prosthesis and digital flow. Exclusive digital service for clinics: reduction in the number of consultations for total or partial cases; less evidence, faster job execution; total accuracy of implant placement in the arch; in case there is already a temporary prosthesis in the mouth, possibility of having the work ready in two consultations; no alginate, silicone and analog error; you don't need to invest in an intraoral scanner. App Mdens, available on Play Store and Apple Store. National and international training through Mdens Academy.