For 27 years, made in May, Trasesa - Consultants of Hygiene, Safety and Health at Work, Lda., has been dedicated to supporting companies in the field of safety and health of workers.

AIP's new associate, managed by Orlando Pais and headquartered in Cascais, has a staff of doctors in the field of occupational medicine who provide services at Trasesa's facilities (in various locations), at client companies or at its mobile unit. health.

It has signed, in different regions, protocols with different entities enabling complementary medical examinations to be carried out.

It also counts on the collaboration of a diversified technical team, certified in various specialties such as engineers, safety technicians, ergonomists and hygiene and environmental health technicians.

Occupational medicine, occupational safety, occupational safety training, first aid training and fire fighting training are the main services provided.


Municipality: Cascais

Sector: Services

CAE: Other Business and Management Consulting Activities

Manager: Orlando Pais

Main products/services: Health at Work: consultations; clinical analysis; electrocardiograms; spirometries; audiograms; visual acuity examination; and other complementary exams that the Occupational doctor deems necessary. Complementary services: filling in the aptitude form; in case of inability, indication of other functions that the worker may perform; and information on all cases of occupational disease.

Occupational Safety: technical information in the design and execution phase, on preventive measures relating to facilities, locations, equipment and work processes; conducting audits; constant and permanent updating of the legislation in force on Occupational Health and Safety, constituting an open line of communication with the client; training actions integrated in technical programs or when requested by the company; and elaboration and implementation of internal emergency plans.

Clinical psychology: anxiety; low self esteem; depression; difficulty at work; grief; fears; mood disorders; sleep disturbances; relationship disturbances; marital separation; and stress.