Planning and executing merchandising operations, in terms of physical replacement of products and animation of points of sale, is the "core business" of Per Si, a new member of AIP dedicated to the dissemination of important national and foreign brands to consumers .

Founded in 1997 and managed by Fernando Aido, Per Si – Marketing and Merchandising, Lda is headquartered in Lisbon and has an office in Maia, in the Porto region.

It offers a vast portfolio of services within the scope of “proactive merchandising”. This means that, "in very competitive product ranges it is always difficult to link consumers to a brand", explains the company, defending itself as a defender of "a proactive strategy" to "create the necessary difference", so that the product “stand out from the crowd”.

It has been proven that “usual advertising and good quality of public relations are a bet”, but “the promotional advantages”, made available by companies in brand campaigns, “will tip the balance in their favor”.

The books teach what field practice proves and clarifies. Per Si's experience of more than two decades says that if the brand has not obtained the necessary disclosure, then “it is vital that it bring it closer to the customer”. And how is this done? The company explains: "With local promotion actions we can start a consumer relationship, through careful exposure and empathy in the relationship with the consumer, promoting and promoting your product".

The replacement of the product at the point of sale has to be told, being necessary to resort to that “Midas Touch”. “The brands of our partners must stand out in the various modern distribution spaces”, emphasizes Per Si when referring to the stages of this service: “Reception and processing of orders, organization of lines following previously defined planograms; verification of product durability deadlines and effective stock control”.


Municipality: Lisbon

Sector: Services

CAE: Other business support services activities.

Manager: Fernando Aido

Products/services: Physical product replacement operations; development of promotional activities at points of sale; price research (shopping) and market evolution analysis; recruitment and selection of human resources in the commercial area; organization of events and provision of hostesses; logistical support for promotional activities (transport and assembly of PLV material); decoration of islands, topos, sales theaters and deployments in hypermarkets. Continuous formation.