Bring It On Consultoria and Trust Connections Academy will jointly hold a free webinar on June 20th, Thursday, from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm, on fundamental topics such as promoting trust within the group and teamwork, as well as how to improve internal and external communication. Registration is mandatory and is done here.

Called “Know the impact of your leadership”, this appealing online meeting was structured in order to encourage participants to reflect deeply on their impact on organizational culture and the performance of their employees.

“We will talk about how to promote trust within the group, recognition and how to promote teamwork, break down departmental, geographic or generational silos, improve internal and external communication, multidirectional alignment of teams, promote a culture of open and true communication and feedback and also the involvement, productivity and autonomy of teams where creativity panels and focus on the solution are essential”, says Cláudia Moura da Silva, strategic consultant and general director of Bring It On Consutoria.

“At this meeting, it will be possible to go through three main pillars of high-performance teams: evaluating communication and common behaviors and reflecting as a leader on my strengths and opportunities for growth”, he highlights.