Available since the beginning of the year, the new Support Line for Increased Production Costs, managed by Banco Português de Fomento, has a global allocation of 600 million euros. This measure is intended to support companies particularly affected by the sharp increase in energy and raw material costs, as well as disruptions in supply chains. Credit operations are intended to reinforce working capital through short, medium and long-term loans (up to 8 years, after contracting, with a 12-month capital grace period) and benefit from a guarantee provided by the Guarantee Companies Mutual (Agrogarante, Garval, Lisgarante and Norgarante) up to 70% of the outstanding capital, at any time. Companies can borrow up to a maximum of 50 thousand euros (Micro companies), 750 thousand euros (Small Companies), or 2.5 million euros (Medium Companies, Small Mid Caps, Mid Caps and Large Companies), with the The amount of funding cannot exceed the greater of 25% of turnover or 50% of energy costs, both measured in average terms compared to the last three financial years. You can count on personalized support from AIP for information on the foreseen requirements and for the preparation of applications: consultoria@aip.pt or 21 360 10 20.