The Portuguese consultancy Mundi Consulting begins the celebrations of its 35th anniversary with the launch of a new headquarters, in Lisbon, next Wednesday, November 30th.

The company, which was born in the late 1980s, has grown steadily over three decades, both nationally and internationally, creating a solid brand with notoriety in the institutional and business environment.

With a DNA of customizing services, it has always sought, in Management solutions, to create value and respect for the integrity and sustainability of the client.

Mundi Consulting is today a consulting company with an intense activity, in the national space and in the international markets, where it has been continuously investing in creating its own structures, promoting employment and sustainable development, not only in Portugal, but also in the territories where it operates.

It has more than 30 years of history in the development of projects and initiatives in Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe and Guinea-Bissau, carried out in partnership with multilateral and bilateral donors. These countries are joined by Portugal, Brazil and India, Timor, markets where it is also responsible for a set of regular operations.

With around 200 partner entities worldwide and more than 1500 individual partners, it has been supporting thousands of companies and public institutions in the most diverse territories, raising its brand and the consultancy carried out in Portuguese.

There are several clients and partners: companies, business groups, business associations, chambers of commerce, central, regional and local public administration, other public institutions and governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, financial institutions, agencies and organizations, bilateral and multilateral, promoters of financing and economic and business development.

Among the various certifications and recognitions obtained in more than three decades, the nomination for the award, Millennium BCP Horizontes, in 2018, in the category of the five best consulting companies with consolidated activity in international markets, stands out.

Owner of a business project of constant innovation, Mundi Consulting continues to focus on a strategy of growth and expansion of markets. In this context, it launched a new consultancy space in Portugal, innovative and differentiated, a corollary of its 35 years of existence. It is with this space that it relaunches its brand and its activity to a new level of business and projects for the future.