A company specialized in Business Intelligence and Analysis, the new associate impossibilis, Lda., based in Vila Franca de Xira, is an expert in Real-Time Management Information (ITR), through its own algorithms created, executed and implemented in accordance with the needs of companies and entities, public and private.

Managed by Paulo Frazão, impossibilis also provides consultancy and specialized services in the health sector (public/private/and PPP - Public-Private Partnerships).

It ensures information management, quality digital data, datawarehousing and real-time business intelligence, IT services and workshop.

The dashboards, prepared by experienced experts, present the combined result of integrated Analytics, Data Mining, KPIs, KRIs, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics.

The company (whose name is the Latin word that gave rise to the word impossible) was created in the summer of 2019 and, according to the explanation given on its website, “it came about as a result of so many times telling us that the creation of Information in Real Time, with regular cycles of less than 1 minute, were not possible and, also, because the word, in Latin, can be said in any language, without the need to resort to any type of translation”.

Such is the impossibilis for those who seek it: incredible and unusual, defying the laws of reason.


Municipality: Lisboa

Sector: Services

CAE: Other business and management consulting activities. Computer consulting activities. Retail trade by other methods.

Managing Director: Paulo Frazão

Products/services: Artificial Intelligence; web hosting; data analysis; business analysis; predictive analytics; computer assistance; business intelligence; data warehouse; real-time information; intranet; KPIs & KRIs – performance indicators; data migration; Gyrus platform; security and workshops.