A reference exporting company in the trade of industrial machinery and tools based in Santarém, Somaquifer – Soc. Comercial de Máquinas e Ferramentas Industriais, Lda.  celebrates its 10th anniversary this year as a member of AIP and offers competitive prices in the areas of welding, fastening, bearings, manual and electrical, pneumatic and industrial machines and tools, material and individual protection equipment, transmission materials, coal forge, as well as some building materials, which allows it to supply some of the largest Portuguese business groups, but also respond to the needs of European and PALOP markets.

Within the scope of a trading company, Somaquifer, “loads and organizes all containers with the utmost rigor to ensure maximum safety and stability”, explains its manager, Teresa Custódio, stressing that “exports are responsible for a large part of part of the current sales volume”.

Exclusive representative in the district of Santarém da Acail Gás, distributing it, has been supplying several companies and individuals in the district for over 25 years.

Installed in the industrial area of ​​the city of Scala, Somaquifer, a family business that in June of this year completes 38 years of activity in the sector, began to develop the business in a small shop on Rua Pedro de Santarém, recalls Teresa Custódio: “Little by little it was earning the trust of customers and friends, having conquered exclusive national and foreign representations, always with the best quality products and the best prices on the market. The business grew and it was necessary to increase the facilities with the construction of a pavilion in the Industrial Zone, where it has been working since January 2010”.

It was in this context that Somaquifer also became a company certified under ISO 9001, which allows all processes to be profitable and, consequently, allow more and better quality throughout the system.