A tool for retaining talent and increasing competitiveness, the the Book of Compliments is one of the most recent work proposals from the Praise publishing house, a newly associated AIP, based in Vila Nova de Famalicão.

Since 2013 and to date, 23,000 books requested have helped employees of 11,000 companies and entities to be recognized and respected.

“The quality of a company is defined by several factors, but one of the most important is, without any doubt, the quality of its employees”, emphasizes Cristina Leal Founder of the Book of Compliments.

“Talent retention turns out to be one of the pillars of a company's success, and, in a world where employees have the possibility to choose their place of work, the focus on human resources, as well as their management, increasingly determines plus the evolution of people and businesses", he explains.

In terms of talent retention, “the fact that the employee feels respected and valued at work is the most relevant factor, right after the salary”, says the editor.

As with everything in life, it is advisable to use this instrument with weight and measure, that is, to safeguard the authenticity of the act: “Knowing how to praise is essential to keep employees motivated, in order to feel that they belong to the organization. To trivialize praise, however, is a mistake. It must be true, but it is also crucial to know the right moment to praise, to be assertive in communicating that same praise!”

In this kind of complaints book, on the contrary, one can find, emphasizes the manager, “fantastic stories of employees who for decades had never been praised. People whose work passed, most of the time, as invisible, and who one day had their recognition and felt part of something fantastic. That is the power of praise.”

Barometer of customer satisfaction and good practices, the Book of Complements which is available in physical and digital versions, is also a good help in the continuous improvement of companies that use a quality management system.

Denomination: PRAISE, LDA.

Municipality: Vila Nova de Famalicão

Sector: Commerce

CAE: Retail sale of books in specialized establishments. Book editing. Professional qualification.

Manager: Cristina Vieira Pinheiro

Products/services: Book of Compliments