A reference in the local trade of Portalegre, RC Kids & Júnior, a brand created by Charangalegre, Lda., a new associate of AIP, is a clothing and accessories store for babies, children and young people managed with the wisdom and good taste of its founder. , Maria Joao Chaparro.

“We have dressed our children and young people since 1999, with sports wear, casual and casual chic clothing”, explains the manager, listing some of the insignia offered in her catalogue: “We represent several brands, including Levis, Tiffosi, Mayoral, Losan , Condor, among others”.

It should be noted that the business of Charangalegre, Lda., loyal to the business for more than two decades, and in the preferences of the people of Portalegre, was born with another window. “We started as a franchised Charanga, which later gave way to a multi-brand store, called RC Kids & Júnior”, explains the manager.

The store's logo, which honors everyone, "was inspired by the keep of the castle of Portalegre, founded by D. Dinis", a great lover of arts and letters, famous troubadour who cultivated the Cantigas de Amigo, de Amor and satire .

This and other reasons for being, in the words of Maria João, certainly count for visiting a space where the youngest are kings and lords: “Our priority is customer satisfaction and seeing the happiness of children and young people who wear in our store!”


Municipality: Portalegre

Sector: Commerce

CAE: Retail sale of clothing for babies and children in specialized stores.

Manager: Maria Joao Chaparro

Products/services: Sports wear, casual and casual chic clothing for babies, children and young people. Brands Levis, Tiffosi, Mayoral, Losan, Condor, among others.