Lifthium Energy, owned by the José de Mello Group and Bondalti, is part of the Important Project of European Interest – European Battery Innovation (IPCEI EuBaTin), being the only Portuguese company with a large-scale green lithium production project to become member of this European consortium. Planned investment of 1.2 billion euros by 2030 in two lithium refining plants, with a capacity of 50 thousand tons, could supply lithium hydroxide to more than two million vehicles annually.

According to Duarte Braga, CEO of Lifthium, “IPCEI is crucial to achieving the European Union's objectives in crucial areas such as energy transition and sovereignty. Being the only Portuguese company with a lithium conversion project in this consortium is at the same time a great responsibility and adds motivation to continue working to become a global reference in green lithium refinement.”

At the invitation of the Ministry of Economy and the State Secretariat for Energy and Climate, Lifthium participated in the demanding IPCEI competition in 2023, and its application was approved last Friday, January 19th, the company said in a statement.

With this approval, Lifthium joins a consortium made up of companies from Germany, Belgium, Finland, France and Italy that develops projects within the electric battery value chain.

The Portuguese company operates in the raw materials and advanced materials sector. The technology developed by Lifthium, which involves the refinement of lithium through electrolysis, played a decisive role in joining IPCEI EuBaTin. This process will be entirely powered by renewable energy, replacing conventional methods with a higher carbon footprint.

Through this technology, Lifthium aims to be a global pioneer in the use of electrolysis for the refinement of lithium and the use of precursor materials from recycling. It seeks to play a significant role in achieving the objectives set by the European Union and in preserving the environment by reducing the extraction of natural resources: making the industry more sustainable, reducing carbon emissions associated with lithium refinement by more than 50% by 2030 and ensuring the sustainability of the entire value chain. The company prioritizes raw materials that meet the highest ESG standards and combats waste in industrial production, thus reducing the industry's environmental footprint.

Created in 2023 following strategic deliberations by the José de Mello Group and Bondalti, Lifthium Energy identified the potential for refining green lithium. It aims to achieve a leading position in the international green lithium refining sector by leveraging Bondalti's extensive experience in the chemical industry.

Lifthium's mission is to provide high-quality, sustainable lithium hydroxide to advance the energy transition and contribute to making electric mobility accessible to all.

Source: Grupo José de Mello / Bondalti