Joana Queiroz Ribeiro, Director of People and Organization at Fidelidade, an insurance company associated with AIP, was distinguished at the 11th edition of the Human Resources Awards, in the category "Director of Human Resources", whose award ceremony took place on the 31st of May, in Lisbon.

Fidelidade was also awarded the Senior Management and Active Aging/Retirement Award.

Joana Queiroz Ribeiro developed studies in the field of food engineering and began her career in 1989 at Unicer, currently the Super Bock Group, a company also associated with AIP.

He spent 25 years at the service of this emblematic Portuguese brand, having integrated the departments of Internal Communication, Public Relations and Human Resources.

She has been Fidelidade's People and Organization director since 2015, a position she holds always bearing in mind the improvement of the daily lives of employees.