Recognized pillar in the education and training of younger people, the Nossa Senhora da Piedade Children's Garden, a new member of AIP, was founded in 1858, in the city of Évora.

Managed by Maria Cláudia Falcão, it consists of three equipments which ensure the crèche and pre-school.

The institution, formerly known as “Asylum”, was a shelter for unprotected children, ensuring the livelihood and survival of others, but also guaranteeing them a dignified and autonomous future.

In 1982, it adopted the name of Jardim Infantil Nossa Senhora da Piedade and became an institution of public administrative utility for the care of children from 4 months to 6 years old.

José Maria de Sousa Mattos and his wife, Maria Ignacia Brancamp Freire de Mattos, were the founders of this institution, on April 21, 1858, which also had the generosity and dedication of Inácia Ramalho Barahona and Guilhermina Angélica Machado.


Municipality: Évora

Sector: Services

CAE: Childcare. Preschool education. Other social support activities without accommodation, n.e. Hunting and hunting repopulation. Cork and resin.

Manager: Maria Cláudia Ribeiro Falcão

Products/services: Educational structures that ensure the crèche and pre-school.