Do you have a financially viable business idea? In addition to the PAECPE, you will be able to apply, from the 3rd of April, for the support of the new Empreende XXI measure. While the PAECPE is aimed at unemployed people receiving subsidy, Empreende XXI covers all people enrolled in the IEFP. Between non-refundable grants and interest-free loans, support can reach 85% of investments, plus an incentive to create one's own job. The total sum cannot exceed 200 thousand euros. It is a condition that the promoters are registered as users at the IEFP and that the projects ensure the creation of the respective job for the promoter recipients for a period of no less than two years. AIP is the entity accredited by the IEFP for preparing applications for the district of Lisbon. The AIP consulting team provides full support in framing and structuring your business idea. For more information or  clarification of doubts, contact us at or 213 601 112.