June 21st, Friday in Alvaiázere. Mark your calendars now and guarantee your team’s registration!


After the success of previous editions, we are back for another AIP Challenge, which promises to be a day of overcoming, adrenaline, strong emotions, lots of fun and conviviality!

This year, we will have as our central setting the historic village of Alvaiázere, not only known for being the capital of chícharo, but also for its mountains, trails and its famous panoramic swing.

This 4th edition of the Challenge will take place on a Friday and, in addition to the usual AIP Olympics events, peddy paper and climbing, we will have a set of new outdoor events that will put group spirit and leadership skills to the test. , time management, including a night orientation test.

Give your team an unforgettable day!

Each team is made up of 5 members and organizations can participate with more than one team.

As registration is limited, guarantee your team's participation now by filling out the registration form.

access the registration form. More information: eventos@aip.pt or 213 601 039 / 213 601 110 / 213 6010 29