There is a mini vegetables, aromatic and horticultural festival in Salvaterra de Magos, guaranteed every day by Horta Natural, Unipessoal Lda, which generates fresh food that is not harmful to health and obtained without harming nature.

Using a different method from the conventional one, Horta Natural, founded in August 2014 by João Cação, produces in a hydroponics greenhouse with the “nutrient film technique” (NFT) system, in which plants are cultivated in specific profiles and where circulates a nutrient solution composed of water and nutrients dissolved in a balanced way, according to the needs of each plant species.

The welcome message from this agricultural company, words that can be read on the website, reflects the genuineness of the product it grows and sells. “The defense of the environment starts with us, with our health and integrity”, defends Horta Natural, calling for a sensible practice at the table and on the plate.

In other words, “let's just eat fresh food” and “work for a supply of quality food”.


Municipality: Salvaterra de Magos

Sector: Agricultural

CAE: Crop of vegetables, roots and tubers. Wholesale trade in fruit and vegetables, except potatoes. Preparation and preservation of fruits and vegetables by other processes. Preparation of agricultural products for sale. Retail sale of fruit and vegetables in specialized stores. Other consulting, scientific, technical and similar activities, n. and.

Manager: João Cação

Main products: Mini vegetables: mini carrots (yellow, orange, purple and white); mini fennel; mini turnip; mini leeks; zucchini (patisson sunburst); pak choi (chinese cabbage); mini zucchini and mini beetroot (yellow, purple and chioggia). Aromatic: thyme; Rosemary; Chives; basil; parsley; coriander; dill and mint. Vegetables: lettuce; beaded lettuce; turnip; watercress and arugula.