Founded in 1996 by Professor João Caramês, the Institute of Implantology, newly associated with AIP, has a multidisciplinary health unit dedicated to implantology, oral and aesthetic rehabilitation, in addition to other solutions and specialties in dentistry.

The clinical staff of the Instituto de Implantologia – a dental clinic located in Lisbon, next to Praça de Espanha – is made up of more than 30 dentists and oral hygienists, specialized in different areas of dentistry.

To keep a permanent update of its clinical team, it has established an academic and scientific collaboration protocol with the New York University College of Dentistry for Continuing Education (USA).

João Caramês' path is closely linked to the evolution of Dental Medicine in Portugal. He is director of the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the University of Lisbon, where he also coordinates postgraduate specialization courses in oral surgery and implantology.


Municipality: Lisbon

Sector: Health

CAE: Activities of medical practice in a specialized clinic, in an outpatient setting.

Administrator: Bruno Henriques

Products/services: Immediate fixed prosthesis; invisible aligners; dental implants; dental veneers; periodontology; hygiene and oral health; orofacial harmonization; pediatric dentistry; teeth whitening; occlusion and bruxism; dental cavity; halitosis (bad breath); orthodontics; aesthetic restorations; endodontics/devitalization; crowns; oral cancer and pathology; wisdom teeth; sports dentistry; pregnant consultation; and sleep apnea.