The “tax system” (26 percent), the “labor market” (22 percent) and factors such as “utilities” (16 percent) were considered the biggest obstacles to growth and competitiveness by the companies that responded to the 26th Survey to Business Activity, carried out by AIP. With regard to investment, 69 percent of the companies surveyed referred that the value of the investment made in 2022 was higher or much higher than the previous year. Asked about the areas in which they would make investments, 35 percent of the companies mentioned “productive equipment”, 14 percent, “human resource qualification”, and 13 percent, “information and communication technologies”. Only 11 percent of the companies consulted mentioned making “investment in R&D” on a permanent basis.

From the point of view of financing sources, "self-financing" (38 percent) and "bank credit" (37 percent) emerge as the main options for companies.

The results of the survey, carried out in the second half of 2022, were calculated with the responses of 196 companies (micro, small, medium and large) from all sectors and regions of the country.