A computer company specializing in the provision of services and technical assistance, covering all IT material, Inforbelt, a new member of AIP based in Sintra, also installs “smartchargers” for electric cars, in garages and outdoors, in addition to photovoltaic panels.

Managed by Augusto Correia, it provides computer assistance in law firms, real estate, event management companies, small industries, training companies, textile warehouses, accounting, graphic arts, engineering offices, among others.

Company with more than 40 years of experience in the computer world, it carries out penetration tests in computer networks, such as cybercrime prevention; and supplies new equipment, from the most renowned national and international brands.

It has a laboratory for carrying out repairs and diagnosing equipment malfunctions, both current and obsolete; and data recovery, with success rates above 95%, according to figures from its last fiscal year.

It also installs “wallboxes” for electric mobility and photovoltaic panels.

“We have been in the computer world since 1981”, says Augusto Correia, recalling other times, with respectful comparison: “We started when Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were little more than teenagers!”


Municipality: Sintra

Sector: Services

CAE: Computer and peripheral equipment repair

Manager: Augusto Correia

Products/services: IT assistance; penetration tests on computer networks; provides new equipment; repairs and diagnosis of equipment malfunctions; data recovery; installation of smartchargers” for electric cars, in garages and outdoors and photovoltaic panels.