A strategic and continuous improvement consultant, INERCIA-MN, a new associate of AIP, implements structuring management solutions for companies operating in the national territory, having as a reference business methodologies such as Theory of Constraints, Blue Ocean, Lean and Six Sigma.

This “is not a training company, although it helps to train leaders in new management knowledge”, explain its managers, Ricardo de Castro and Miguel Barreiras, explaining that INERCIA-MN is also “not a training company, although help improve certain management skills”.

The company creates “solutions that do not self-destruct, because they are not of a technological nature, something, in fact, easy to imitate in a short time”, emphasize its managers, referring to some of its key points: “They provide a decisive competitive advantage to our customers' business, because we follow a distinct logical and holistic reasoning based on four very solid schools of thought: Theory of Constraints, Blue Ocean, Lean and Six Sigma.”

Theory and practice are two sides of the coin that INERCIA-MN has already proven to be able to control, according to Ricardo de Castro and Miguel Barreiras, in the light of those management philosophies: “We don't trade what is easy for what must be done. We don't trade vulnerability for the status quo. We are faithful to these principles, but flexible at the time of implementation, because the reality is dynamic and diverse. We dare to do the unimaginable, the unthinkable, the impossible, so that the leap is always greater than the previous one. We are looking for disaffected people and companies who prefer cold or hot, but never warm”.


Municipality: Lisbon

Sector: Services. Provision of management consulting services.

CAE: Other business and management consulting activities.

Management: Ricardo Anselmo de Castro and Miguel Trigo Barreiras.

Products/services: Delivers and implements holistic management solutions, developed according to the principles of four philosophies: Theory of Constraints, Blue Ocean, Lean and Six Sigma. It offers, with a direct impact on productivity and stability: ValueFlow solutions – aimed at accelerating the company's business. Areas: project management, distribution and logistics, operations, product development, hospital management and innovation with value; and Crisis Solutions – aim to subordinate the departments to the company's core. Areas: sales, team management, strategy, decision models.