Identifying technological solutions that are in the development phase and allow filling gaps in the capabilities of the land force is the objective of ARTEX 24 – 2nd edition of ARmy Technological EXperimentation, an initiative of the Army Technological Experimentation and Modernization Center (CEMTEx) that will take place from 22 from May to June 3, 2024, at Campo Militar de Santa Margarida, in Constância. Priority for anti-drone solutions; sacrificial drones; nuclear, biological and chemical protection; robotics and autonomous systems; simulation (augmented reality or virtual reality); green energy generation systems (smart energy deployable camps) and tactical communications. Applications until February 21st using the form.

ARTEX 24 consists of an exercise in experimenting with technological solutions, with possible military application, that are in the development phase, excluding all those that are already available on the market.

Its objective is to identify solutions that make it possible to fill gaps in the capabilities of the land force, thus continuing the Army's modernization process.

Its purpose is also to increase the Army's connection to the entities of the National Defense Technological and Industrial Base, contributing to research and development activities and, simultaneously, to boosting the Defense economy at national level.

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Video of the 1st edition: ARTEX 23