Committed to the creation, implementation and maintenance of solutions for the integral management of industrial assets since 1954, the ICRO Group, based in Brazil and with offices iin Lisbon and Mozambique, highlights the work carried out by AIP with companies and entrepreneurs from different sectors activity and regions.

“Among the main benefits to associates, we can mention consulting and technical support, participation in virtual and face-to-face events, internationalization, digital publications, advertising in supports and contact with the network of associate partners”, highlights the company. in a news item published in the newsletter “Icro News”, September/2022 edition, entitled “ICRO Group is part of Associação Industrial Portuguesa| Association brings benefits and advances on the European continent”.

The possibility of having information about the status of machines and equipment in real time allows the industry sector to have a clearer view of its processes and, therefore, to improve production efficiency and effectiveness, creating more sustainable and profitable partnerships, as well as aligning product value with changes in customer requirements.

Icro is specialized, among other services, in creating a connection between machines and maintenance systems through intelligent devices and infrastructure, acting with assertiveness in data collection, analysis and forecasts, aiming at the protection, conservation and productivity of assets during its life cycle.