For nine years, Hidroredox, a new associate of AIP based in Bobadela, Loures, has been dedicated to the assembly and maintenance of equipment in industrial complexes, cogeneration systems, deodorization and emergency groups, electricity, automation and instrumentation.

Managed by António Branco, the company executes projects in the areas of process, mechanics, electricity, automation, supervision and instrumentation, intrusion, CCTV, fire detection and extinguishing.

Assembly, technical advice and maintenance of equipment in drinking water treatment plants (ETA), domestic or industrial wastewater (WWTP), emulsified oil treatment plants (ETOE), lifting stations (EE), deodorization facilities and services related activities are part of its activity.

It provides maintenance and management services in the areas of electricity, air conditioning, cogeneration, mechanics, instrumentation, automation, pneumatics, mechatronics, communication networks, switching and transformation stations.

Hidroredox also guarantees supervision and consultancy of industrial works, as well as planning and management of industrial maintenance.


Municipality: Loures

Sector: Construction

CAE: Electrical installation. Air conditioning installation. Installation of industrial machinery and equipment. Engineering and related techniques.

Manager: Antonio Branco

Products/services: Assembly and maintenance of mechanical and electromechanical equipment; cogeneration systems, deodorization and emergency groups; medium voltage equipment; electricity, automation and instrumentation.